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The opening ceremony has been rescheduled from 6 pm Friday Night to 9 am Saturday Morning.

Programming Details for Panels Only They are organized by the presenter.

How SFOEP Works For You by Randolph Allen of the USS NEW ORLEANS


The STARFLEET Office of Emergency Preparedness needs you. What is all about? How it can help your Region and Chapter. Learn how you and your Chapter can also work with your local community in preparing for the worst.


Star Trek Discovery: A Discussion by Randolph Allen of the USS NEW ORLEANS


A roundtable discussion between the panelists and the members as we together explore the future possibilities of the latest member of the Star Trek Franchise.


Working with City Government by Todd Ecker of the City of New Orleans


Todd Ecker is a new Orleans Code Enforcement Officer of the City of New Orleans and has helped a few fan groups dealing with City Government and the myriad of Code and Occupational Fees. While he will concentrate specifically the City of New Orleans. His advice can also help chapters in their area to deal with similar issues when trying to recruit and promote at certain events.

Creating an Educational ST Group Exhibition Event by George Mustafa of the USS SAN JUAN 


A presentation where we  will share the details and intricacies of creating a complex group only educational event presenting the history of ST in a structured way, including reenactments. We will present video and pictures of our events as reference.


The Legacy of Star Trek: How ST Changed the World by George Mustafa of the USS SAN JUAN


This will be an interactive and enjoyable presentation on how ST influenced technology, social and cultural changes. .


Star Trek Economy: Making it Apply in the Real World by Troy Tomilson


Troy Tomilson is a local real estate broker who believe that an economy can exist without materialism. This roundtable discussion is designed to bring those concepts we see in the various shows a reality. He plans to work with local economists to see if this is possible and he would like our help.

Star Trek: The Power of a Vision by Candy Torres of the USS ZAVALA

Star Trek instigated a lot of serious and fun adventures throughout my life. It started in 1966 when I was 13 years old. I grew up watching science-fiction and Star Trek created a positive vision of the future I wanted to work towards. As a teenager I was inspired to read about antimatter and phasers as well as other science and technologies. I dreamed about working in the space industry. When I attended college, I made up my own space science major. I also met other college students who were big Trek fans. Our parties were Trek-themed, we went to conventions in costume, and we followed the actors to lectures and plays. My presentation will be a journey of Star Trek stories for the audience to understand and enjoy the power of vision.


A Star Trek Reality by Candy Torres of the USS ZAVALA

I loved travel and adventure so Star Trek’s exciting future in a starship fed my imagination. Dreams need to be nurtured to become reality. I sought out opportunities to be ready to work in the growing space industry. Eventually, I participated in the age of exploration on Princeton University’s historic Orbiting Astronomical Satellite (OAO-3C) satellite project and, later, at NASA-Johnson Space Center in the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs. I have never stopped watching Star Trek because it still feeds my soul. My mission is to inspire people to encourage students to pursue careers in STEM.

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